Small Business Marketing & SEO 

If SEO, Branding and Marketing had a baby; they’d name her Maevan. 

Hey, I'm Amber

Your go-to marketing friend who just gets it.

I started my business because I saw a need to help business owners understand all the marketing things - without making it super complicated and time consuming.

I specialize in listening to your story, then creating a brand around it that aims to make your business the answer to your dream client's search.

Whether that search is on Google or Instagram, I'm here to help you figure out all the marketing things in a way that works for you.


Creatively Focused. SEO Rooted.

I look at your business from a creative lens that understands how your dream client is looking for what you offer. My ultimate goal is to help you show up when they're looking for you, then connect with them so they’re more likely to click on your website or look at your content - and help you close the sale.

  • Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) 

    Make your business the answer to your dream client’s question by optimizing your website to make Google (and your potential clients) happy. 

  • Brand Design

    Whether you DIY’d your brand or are starting from scratch, I’ll help you design a unique brand you and your dream clients will LOVE - all in Canva. 

  • Marketing Strategy

    Maximize your content to get more eyes on your brand and more leads in your inbox without sacrificing sleep to get it all done. 


Brand-Forward SEO

My signature framework designed to make your small business stand out in search results so you can connect with your ideal clients right away.

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Your brand is more than just your logo.

It’s the culmination of everything that brought you to where you are with your business. 

Yes, it needs to be pretty.

But, it also needs to be effective.

What makes a brand effective? 

Knowing what makes your dream client feel SEEN

Connecting with them better than the other options out there. 

Then making their experience with you an absolute dream.