SEO Services for Small Businesses

Our SEO packages are designed to meet you where you are in your business - and take the “oh 🥴” out of SEO. 


SEO Audit

Get your site audited to figure out where you stand with Google, then get a list of keywords you should use on your website. This one’s a fan fave for business owners who are looking for an SEO Baseline to figure out what they need to do next.




Keyword Strategy

Designed for the DIY business owner who’s ready to tackle a full blown SEO strategy on their own.

Here’s what you get: 

  • Keywords that need to be on your website
  • What pages/info are missing (and what keywords to use on them)
  • A full content strategy to help your brand become the answer to your dream client’s questions
  • An easy-to-understand gameplan with 3 steps you need to take to optimize your website so you can work towards showing up on Google 
  • A recording of our conversion to use as a resource in the future
  • 30-minutes 1:1 with me.


You can upgrade to a Keyword Strategy during your SEO Audit if you’re still on the fence, but want to get some answers before you commit to the whole thing. 

Ready to make your website start working for you?!



VIP SEO Package

So, you want to do SEO…but you don’t really want to learn a new skill and you wish you could find someone you could trust to do it for you real quick.

My VIP SEO package is your new BFF. 

Think: Done-for-you SEO with full visibility of what’s happening on your site without having to sit through the boring part. 

You’ll get a full SEO strategy, then I’ll start implementing your keyword strategy on your site FOR YOU instead of having to figure it all out yourself. 

My VIP SEO package includes:

  • A full SEO Strategy - aka everything you get in an SEO Audit + a Keyword Strategy
  • 4 hours of done-for-you SEO work to start applying that strategy to your website
  • A personalized video from me walking you through the updates I made, where I made them and what I recommend doing next - all recorded for you to use as a resource in the future

Done-for-you starts at $1398


What can get done in a VIP Day…

  • Optimizing site pages based on your new keyword strategy
  • Writing blog posts that answer questions your clients are searching for on Google
  • Fixing content formatting
  • Writing optimized website content

*An SEO Audit is required to become a VIP. 



Not ready to invest in SEO support?

Grab a copy of my Brand-Forward SEO Guide.

My proven 5-step SEO framework will teach you how to optimize your website so you can show up when your dream client is looking for what you offer. 

  • 33 Page Guide
  • Proven 5-Step Process to Optimize Your Site & Connect with Your Dream Client
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Looking for more of a done-with-you vibe?

A Keyword Strategy + an SEO Check-In (or two) is a great way to DIY your SEO with expert help along the way. Think: 1:1 working session to look at what you’ve done so far.

Done-with-you SEO starts at $798